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General Information

1. Advice.
The Federation offers constant advice on all aspects of the glazing and glass, including Codes of Practice, difficulties with payments, installations, contracts etc. to both the general public and its Members. We are a Social Business - click here for full information

2. Code of Installation Practice
It is a requirement that all members adopt this code in full.

3. Insured Guarantees
The Federation has researched the market in this type of insurance, and can offer a Scheme which, at a competitive cost, offers satisfactory cover at very competitive rates, from an authorised British Insurance Company. Deposit Protection Cover is also available to cover up to 25% of the gross contract value to protect the Consumer in the event of a member ceasing to trade before installation. The Federation highly recommends that this type of cover is offered to prospective customers.

4. Commitment to Good Practice
This document, which to our knowledge, is the most comprehensive voluntary code available in this industry, provides every Member with the opportunity to demonstrate to the Consumer their commitment to sound principles in their conduct of business, and is written in plain English.

5. Mediation Service
In the event of a dispute between a member and a consumer, the Federation offers a free service to negotiate between both parties to resolve any issues. We also can offer a low cost mediation service conducted by a renowned expert in the glazing industry - Don Waterworth Bsc (HONS) FBEng MEWI.

6. Newsletters
We keep in regular contact with all Members through regular newsletters, giving advice on various aspects of business, and up to date news regarding technical developments in the glazing industry.
The Federation does not advertise, or employ representatives, and is a non-profit making organisation. This keeps Membership costs to a minimum.
Upon acceptance of Membership, a Certificate of Membership is issued together with labels for stationery and for showroom/vehicle use.

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